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Homeless Solution #1

Sleep Slip Dollars
are a very simple and efficient “first-step” solution to the homelessness problem! Sleep Slip dollars give regular citizens the opportunity to proactively solve homelessness by gifting one with the privilege to sleep on your porch, in your backyard, garage or even behind your business during your non-operating hours and between the times and dates that you specify!  If the homeless guest meets the host’s expectations of behavior then the offer may be extended or the offer may be made “null and void” at the host’s discretion.  People can print them out and give them to a homeless individual to help them where they need it most. Some people think that giving money to homeless will be spent on alcohol or drugs, so this is a perfect solution for those people!  Homeless individuals can also print these and hand them out to the people that stop to talk with them. If the homeless individual doesn’t put any pressure on the person, but simply asks them to consider talking it over with their spouse, roommates or landlord then we have found it to increase our return rates!  Print them out here and share this very simple homelessness solution through your social network today!



Homeless Solution #2




Homeless Solution #3

Dozens of Ashland homeless had been working on a project called HomefreeHostels.com for the past 4 years, but recently I had to migrate that website into the pdf files below because I don’t have enough money to keep it up right now.

Homefree Hostels Homepage

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